Quad Blogging

Along with our Quad Blogging Buddies, Rm1HNS are setting out on a fabulous connected journey. Remember, if you want them to visit our class blog, we need to visit theirs.

Quad Blogging Aotearoa
Room 10 Grey Main School

Room 9 Grey Main School

Room 13 Stanmore Bay School


  1. hi i am josh i like minecraft and football. i am mad over football because well i love it. i support arsenal cause there really good in my oppion.if you support arsenal like me you should say gunners till i die. that meens that you support arsenal untill you die

    1. Hi Josh,
      I like minecraft but not football :) What is "arsenal" ? Is that a football team?

      From Sara and pakkad

    2. Hi josh on Monday room 1 and 2 went to Piha and we learned how to be safe

  2. Hi josh i like minecrft and football

  3. Hi, my name is Michelle and i'm from Mount Annan Christian College.
    I'm very excited to start Quad Blogging with your class!

  4. Hello Michelle,
    We are really excited to be Quadblogging with you. We look forward to commenting on your blog! :)

    Henderson North School :)

  5. what are you up to.

  6. Hi everyone,
    My names Natasha and I go to Mount Annan Christian College.
    I'm really excited to be quad-blogging with you.
    Are you enjoying quad-blogging?
    I love looking at your blogs.
    Have you looked at our blogs yet?
    Happy blogging!
    From Natasha

  7. Hi my name is Julius and I go to Mount Annan Christian College.
    I hope we can keep Quad blogging it is really fun and I really like your blog.
    I hope you have fun Quad bogging.
    From Julius

  8. Hai everyone
    My name is Ally and i am from MACC and i am quad blogging with your school.
    I cant wait to see all of the awesome post you put on your blog.
    I really like your blog because it has heaps of posts and interesting things.
    If your havent looked at my blog it is www.6smaccally7.blogspot.com
    From your quad blogging friend Ally xxx

  9. Hi everyone,
    My name is Jessica and im from Mount Annan Christian College im so excited about quadblogging with you!!!!

    I can't wait to see more of your posts it looks like you have put in heaps of effort in this blog keep up the fantastic work.

    Come check out my blog: http://6smaccjessica.blogspot.com.au/

    I hope you like my blog and comment!!!

    From: Jessica

    Happy Blogging :)

  10. Hello everybody!
    I am really enjoying quad-blogging with you! What is your favorite part? I love being able to see the different cultures around the world.


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  12. Hi Room 1,
    I'm so excited to be quadblogging with you!!! I'm Rico, and I'm from Mount Annan Christian College. Our class has a wide range of blogs, from drawings to origami. Have you ever used the quadblogging system before? Do you enjoy doing quadblogging?

  13. Hi,
    I love doing Quad blogging! It's really cool to get comments from people from other schools! Your blog is really interesting and I can't wait for some other posts! Visit our blog! maccsixs.blogspot.com

  14. Hi is room 1 Henderson north school,
    I have just seen your class blog it's so cool and intresting