MLAP Thursdays

On Thursday in maths time we made bridges with only newspaper and one small roll of tape and they had to be two metres apart. We had to get into groups of four or five, when we started the teacher gave us twenty minutes to do it. It was really hard and complicated. It was about measurement and team work. There was a lot of noise and a lot of newspaper because we did it outside on the court. When we finished we had to put eggs on top of the bridges, we were surprised that all the eggs didn't crack that were on top of the bridges. At the end we had to pack up but there was too much newspaper in the bin so we used the milk bin! The most eggs on the bridges were fives eggs, so the group that won got a packet of lollies. The day before we hadn't made a plan so we kind of made a quick plan of the bridges. A few students said it was awesome, exciting, and fun. We thought it was educational and a good, fun idea.

By Grace and Angelina 


  1. Did you break any eggs Grace and Angelina?

  2. wow i wish i was there to do it :)