Adventures with Action Man

Action looks to show the boys how to crew an IRB

Action Man takes a ride in one of the Rhinos at Piha.

Action Man with boys from Rm 1 at the Corban Matariki Celebrations

Action Man does the dishes after cooking apple tarts at Henderson Intermediate

Room 1 students make sure Action Man is having a good time at Tiritiri
Year 5 & 6 students excited about visiting MOTAT in March with Action Man
Action Man showing his tightrope walking skills at camp in 2012.


  1. Does action man go everywhere ? :)

    By Brinal

    1. I thought about taking him to Thailand with me for a couple of photos, would have looked funny taking him, Abby & Mrs Walker for a ride on an elephant. In the end I decided school trips only. Not sure if Action Man will happy about this...

  2. Hi! I like Action Man. He's cool! Is he like a class pet but a human?
    Layla-SMOT :):D

  3. Hi Layla,
    We take him everywhere on trips or on special occasions. Yes, he is kind of like a class pet :D

    From Sara

  4. You have had some great times with him and I am hoping you will have some more.Francesca:

  5. What a great idea!!
    From, St. George's Class in London

  6. Hello, my name is Julien. I love action man, I had the bush ranger action man. What is your favourite doll?
    From Julien

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  8. Hey HNS!
    I'm Steph from Mount Annan Christian College!
    I love the idea of Action Man!
    Just wondering if Action man stays with students over night? That would be really cool
    Thanks Guys!

  9. Hello, I'm Braydon. I used to love playing with Action Man when I was a little kid. I would always come home from school and play with him. I can't remember what type of Action Man I had but it was something similar to the one you guys had in the picture.

    Now for some questions..
    What is your favourite action figure?
    Do you still own it or play with it?
    What are the best memories you had with it?

  10. Hello i'm branik i think action man is a good toy to play with.

    my toy is RESCUE man he is a good toy when you get bored.

  11. I love action,but not action man!!

  12. Hello!
    My name is Gracie. I think the idea of action man is really cool. If we had an action man in our class, we would probably dress him up in Barbie clothes. He would have a different dress every week. It would be called 'the style of the week' and this does include make up.

    If you could have a different style for action man, what would it be?

    What was the best time you had with action man?

  13. Hey my name is Julius and I'm from MACC.I used to love playing with action figures when I was six. I played with it all day.
    Who owns Action Man and how long did you have him?

  14. Hi everyone,
    My name is Natasha and I go to Mount Annan Christian College.
    I think it's a great idea to take action man on school trips.
    Do you like taking him everywhere?
    From Natasha

  15. Hello my name is brendon from macc the thing about action man Is pretty good and funny. Its a really good idea with the Adventures with action man
    from brendon

  16. Hi Im Crystal From Mount Annan Christian College.
    This is a pretty funny page. Is Action Man like your class toy or something???
    Please come and check out my blog @
    From Crystalxxx

  17. Hi, I'm Laura from Mount Annan Christian College in Australia.
    I like action man! He looks like he has been lots of places! Is he your class mascot? How is he special to you?

  18. Hi!
    Im Stephanie from Mount Annan Christian College, Australia!
    Action Man is sooooo cool!
    I wish we had Action Man in our class!
    What is your favorite time you have had with Action Man?


    P.S Merry Christmas
    P.P.S May God be with you!

  19. Hey Guys just wanted say a goodbye to all of you as my school is going on a big six weeks summer holiday. this is Mikaylan and I won't comment until next year most likely.
    Best Regards

  20. I love the way you thought of action man,our class has an elf that sometimes steals our pencils his names time we took him on a field trip...
    that diden't go well.

  21. it looks so cool hope you're having fun