Saturday, 31 May 2014

Our first step into Project Based Learning

On Friday we sat down to look at some problems that our class thinks we have in our room, school and community.

These are some of our ideas that we think we would like to solve or could solve.

Friday, 23 May 2014

2013 best fend offs

Rugby League is a very fun sport in the hole world,James tamou is my favorite league player.

our time on scratch

 For the last week we have been playing on scratch, scratch is a tool where you get to play games make short clips and create games above is a tutorial to show you how to make a clip or a game

From Bharat

my week on scratch

Scratch is so awesome I suggest scratch to any age. On scratch this week I had made lots of shapes on scratch.


                               This is Scratch, it is a website where you can make thing like games. Right now I am making the game flappy bird on scratch. The first game I did is actully a game I remixed which was  candy crush but now I am making flappy bird. What I am doing is looking on youtube to learn how to make flappy bird so far I am half way there.

black ops remix scratch edition shammah.

minecraft style

I'm playing this video because it is About Adventure and create what ever you want.




  As 50-75% people like wacthing or playing mincraft  because they would only wacth  the longer video [i mean by the youtuber that hold more videos for long e.g 2 years of holding videos].

My week on scratch

This week we have been doing ICT, and going on scratch.

Zoes Scratch

At school this whole week we have been doing ICT and we have been doing scratch. Scratch is  fun thing for kids like me to enjoy this is the game that i remixed .

Big adventure of the Stickman

This is my remixed game in Scratch.


   For the past week room 1 have been using scartch i made shapes from angles and movement

My first week on scratch

This week it's our ICT week and we are learning about Scratch, it is a coding app this is one of my games, The Hardest Game Ever, I remixed it. Heres another. Thanks for reading. by Sky.


Minecraft is a popular game we do in school sometimes. Some people are doing the competition i am .
Minecraft is a really fun and awesome game i have so much fun playing this game.
Me and my friends play this game together.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Minecraft Competition

Hi Room 1

As promised here is the link for the Minecraft competition that Interface Magazine are running. I am happy to help with video, screenshots and the brief description but the creation is entirely up to you.

The competition entry closes on 8 October 2014.

Minecraft Competition rules and entry form.