Sunday, 12 October 2014

Term 4 Topic - NZ Culture

This term we'll be investigating NZ culture. One of our learning intentions will be to predict what NZ culture might look like in the future? I've prepared this Thinglink image to provoke your thinking.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Winter Sports Day - Kiwisports


Everyone attending Kiwisport was on a little adventure to Te Pai courts for some fun sports games. It was chilly as Kiwisport kids walked slowly to Te Pai courts on 21 August. As we arrived at the courts we were followed by our school's netball players. Netball and Kiwisport parted ways and walked to their stations on different sides of metal link fences that were separating all the courts. There was a load of games for Kiwisport to rotate around. The games HNS Team 1 played were :
Reverse Team Tag
Chair Team Tag
Roll Ball
Let me explain them to you...


Hockey is pretty basic. You must have an even number of players on two teams. Each player is numbered so if the coach calls out "15" then number 15 from each team will run through their own team's goal and whichever team hits the ball through the opposing team's goal gets a point.

Reverse Team Tag

In reverse team tag you are split into as many teams as you want as long as they are fair. You are NOT allowed to tag anyone from your own team. When you tag someone they must crouch down and watch you until you get tagged and have to crouch, but if you tag someone at the same time then you must do rock, paper, scissors and the loser must crouch.

Chair Team Tag

For this game you must have two even team and a row of chairs long enough to fit the whole team except for one person. Every second chair must be facing the opposite way to the chair before it. One team is named the Taggers and they must sit in the chairs except one person will be left out because they have no chair and they will be the first tagger, the other team is named the Runners and they must try not to get tagged by the taggers. The runners may run through chairs but the taggers can't. Taggers may touch other people sitting on chairs to get the current runner. Once that runner is caught then the person who is next in line will become the runner.

Roll Ball

In roll ball you must have two even teams spread evenly around a square. In the middle of the square there will be a large rubber ball. Every player will be given at least one tennis ball and you must throw your tennis balls at the big rubber ball and to score points you must make the big rubber ball roll over the other team's boundary lines.

In my opinion the best part was reverse team tag because it was really fun and if you got tagged you still got to play. Overall I think that even though Kiwisport didn't win 1st, 2nd or 3rd we had a great time. One of our netball teams came first and the other came second so they couldn't have done any better except for a joint first place. I think we made our school proud!

By Caitlin .....

Thanks for reading my Kiwisport story!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Winter Sports Day


Suddenly at 8o 'clock I ran into school  but first I ran into room1 to put down the chairs . Then ran into room 4 to try on my dress it took me 5 dresses to find the right one. Then at 8:45 Mr Rudd came on the court and rang the bell everyone had to go to class. After a while when we started  walking then I stepped in mud it was yuck . When everyone got to Te Pai I was ready for  today our first game was against Holy Cross I played GK(Goal Keeper) and I didn't  even get the ball but at the end we don't our cheer and we won 32-0. After a long time of playing we got lunch then I was so happy  how far my team has made it. Then when we came to the finals I said to myself "Hey I know that girl" she was from my club team and her name was Cherish  at the finals we were versing Western Heights. At the end we won 12-3, I was so proud of our teamwork today and how we played. I think our team showed great sportmanship  and cooperation

By Zoe

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Tower Building Challenge

Today Room 1 did a tower building challenge for our Kidsedchatnz session on Thursday. We had lots of fun and a bit of mischief as we learnt heaps about teamwork. We can't wait to take part in the twitter session on Thursday.

This a a video that Iley took using a iMotion a timelapse photography app.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

NZ Geography - Kahoot

Room 1 has started term 3 with a hiss and a roar as they have thrown themselves into quizzes about NZ geography as we attempt to learn more about our country.

Each day we have been doing a quiz about NZ where we can show what we know about NZ and find out how much more there is to learn.

If you want to have a go at our first quiz click on this link or you can try either of our second or third quizzes. All you'll need is a second device to answer the questions on while the quiz questions come up on a first device.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Final Kidsedchatnz Chat for Term 2

This term lots of room 1 children have taken part in the Kidsedchatnz sessions. Our class uses twitter to talk with other kids all around NZ.

The slideshow is a collection of some of the best tweets that we sent during our final chat session.

Well done to Kaleb who took part for the first time and sent several tweets all by himself.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Maritime Museum Visit

Room 1, 2 and 4 all visited the Maritime Museum in the Auckland CBD today. We had a great time including going out on the Ted Ashby, an old yacht, and watching a cannon be fired to show it was 12 o'clock.

Inside the cabin of an 1840s ship, this one rocks like a real ship!

Hoisting the sails on the Ted Ashby

Listening to what the skipper has to say.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Round Robin Stories - Speech Marks & Synonyms for "Said"

We've been learning about using speech marks in our writing for the last few days and today we brainstormed some synonyms for the word 'said' to help us when we use speech marks.

Today we practiced our speech marks with some round robin stories. Each child used a sentence starter then passed their story onto the next person.

The sentence starters were:
Snow White instructed "...
Grumpy replied "...
Happy whispered "...
Grumpy responded "...
Snow White interrupted "...
Doc suggested "...

Here are Mr Walker's favourites:
Snow White instructed "... go to the store to get bread"
Grumpy replied "... thank you for the bread"
Happy whispered "... she's ugly"
Grumpy responded "... I bounce off the walls all the time"
Snow White interrupted "... oh, just forget about it"
Doc suggested "...put Snow White in a coffin and leave it in the woods."

Snow White instructed "...loudly"
Grumpy replied "...I like to slap people with a chair"
Happy whispered "...I can't run"
Grumpy responded "...Sleepy, wake up!"
Snow White interrupted "...Grumpy, why are you so grumpy Grumpy?"
Doc suggested "...Why don't we just forget all of this and carry on".

Snow White instructed "...Go kill the queen"
Grumpy replied " uh... ah... I can't kill a witch to I'm queen!"
Happy whispered "...Hello my dear, do you want a nice hot coffee or a nice hot milo?"
Grumpy responded "...I'm awesome"
Snow White interrupted "...can you put these over there"
Doc suggested "...Why don't you all shut up"

Snow White instructed "...I'm too scared to cross the bridge with my pretty white shoes"
Grumpy replied "...what a terrible day for a picnic"
Happy whispered "...Grumpy, go away"
Grumpy responded "...I heard that"
Snow White interrupted "...heard what?"
Doc suggested "...I will come".

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Our first step into Project Based Learning

On Friday we sat down to look at some problems that our class thinks we have in our room, school and community.

These are some of our ideas that we think we would like to solve or could solve.

Friday, 23 May 2014

2013 best fend offs

Rugby League is a very fun sport in the hole world,James tamou is my favorite league player.

our time on scratch

 For the last week we have been playing on scratch, scratch is a tool where you get to play games make short clips and create games above is a tutorial to show you how to make a clip or a game

From Bharat

my week on scratch

Scratch is so awesome I suggest scratch to any age. On scratch this week I had made lots of shapes on scratch.


                               This is Scratch, it is a website where you can make thing like games. Right now I am making the game flappy bird on scratch. The first game I did is actully a game I remixed which was  candy crush but now I am making flappy bird. What I am doing is looking on youtube to learn how to make flappy bird so far I am half way there.

black ops remix scratch edition shammah.

minecraft style

I'm playing this video because it is About Adventure and create what ever you want.




  As 50-75% people like wacthing or playing mincraft  because they would only wacth  the longer video [i mean by the youtuber that hold more videos for long e.g 2 years of holding videos].

My week on scratch

This week we have been doing ICT, and going on scratch.

Zoes Scratch

At school this whole week we have been doing ICT and we have been doing scratch. Scratch is  fun thing for kids like me to enjoy this is the game that i remixed .

Big adventure of the Stickman

This is my remixed game in Scratch.


   For the past week room 1 have been using scartch i made shapes from angles and movement

My first week on scratch

This week it's our ICT week and we are learning about Scratch, it is a coding app this is one of my games, The Hardest Game Ever, I remixed it. Heres another. Thanks for reading. by Sky.


Minecraft is a popular game we do in school sometimes. Some people are doing the competition i am .
Minecraft is a really fun and awesome game i have so much fun playing this game.
Me and my friends play this game together.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Minecraft Competition

Hi Room 1

As promised here is the link for the Minecraft competition that Interface Magazine are running. I am happy to help with video, screenshots and the brief description but the creation is entirely up to you.

The competition entry closes on 8 October 2014.

Minecraft Competition rules and entry form.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Autumn Poem

This poem was written without any assistance from the teacher after the children were asked to include some alliteration, this is by Evian.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Softball Tournament


On Friday room 1 were doing handwriting and Mr Rudd came into our class and took me Annabel, Bharat, and Francis to do Gardening we all had a turn. First Francis had a turn, the gardener showed us what to do first he squeezed the plant pot and jiggled it around until it came out then we dug a hole in the ground and put some compost in the hole after we put the plant in and this tablet for the plants roots to grow and keep the plant strong when I had a turn it was really fun and I watered it when we finished and now I hope my tree grows really big.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Maths Like a Pirate - Boat building

In maths today we went on a boat-building challenge using only Tin Foil. Everyone was really excited and there were lots of different shaped boats being constructed. Some kids were full of ideas while others were a little unsure. We tested some out in the swimming pool and  Nathanael helped by collecting any marbles which fell into the water.

This flipagram shows some of what we did today:

One of the boats was able to hold 30 marbles and still didn't sink! Lots of kids were going home to build their own boats tonight.

We have two questions for you:

1. There were 30 pieces of pirate treasure to share amongst 5 people. What fraction of the treasure will each of these people get?

2. It took 24 minutes to build 8 boats. How many boats could be build in 6 minutes?


In the last two days Room 1 has been learning how to do Wordtoons, a technique where you turn a word into a picture.

This is one by the inventor of Wordtoons, you should try it at home.

We started by creating a dog, then we did a spy and then we had a go at creating our own name into a Wordtoon. These are some of the works that we drew, see if you can find the names hidden in these pictures.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Gardening at HNS

Today, our gardener Terry came to visit Room 1 & Room 2 to talk to us about the compost bins we have at HNS.

He talked to us about how composting works and why we should compost. We already have been recycling paper & food scraps in our classes and we now have even more reason to do this.

Here is some of the work that the class did today:

Friday, 21 March 2014

Letter to MP Paula Bennett - Save our Flag

This week several of our students started writing letters about their thoughts on the flag debate, Caitlin's letter was one that just has to be shared. We are sending it to our local MP on Monday.

429 Great North Rd
Henderson, Waitakere

Mrs. Paula Bennett MP,

I want my amazing country to keep it's flag because we have been loyal to it since 1902.

The trend is for people to think it would be a great thing to change our flag because it is old and a change would be good for us.

My personal opinion on this matter is that change would be okay but I would hate our flag  to change because people in the war died for our flag, you just don't need to fix what isn't broken so just leave it alone!!!

Changing our flag is just a waste of our time and money. You are right to let people vote but none of this would have happened if the flag could be left in peace.

Just because I can't vote doesn't mean that I don't care!!! I really hope that you will still consider my input because I care about this as much as anyone else even though I'm only 10 years old.

Yours sincerely
Caitlin Smith
Room 1
Henderson North Primary

Wonderopolis - learning about colours

Wonderopolis is a great website to go to. It has a lot of wonders that kids will like and think about.  It has questions like "why is grass green?" or "why do dogs eat homework?". There is over 1100 wonders on this page or maybe more!

This wonder is pretty cool, it talks about how colours I see may be different to the colours that you see. For example, your red might be my blue or  your green might be my yellow.
Heres the link to the website:

If you don't understand here's an e.g.if i see a red ballon in the sky you might see it but in a different colur like blue or black or orange


Buddy Reading

Every week we do buddy reading with Rm 10, they are a new entrant class and have Miss Canning as their teacher.

Room 1 looks forward to this time, because it is fun reading to the little kids and it is also helping us to become better readers too. Sky thinks that it makes them happy and they are getting to learn new things. Arnav says " we get to learn about them too".

Sky's first flipagram

My first blogpost

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Pirate Maths - Bridge Building Attempt 2

Another awesome session inspired by Maths like a Pirate

Today we had our second attempt at building bridges and it was fantastic to see that so many kids had learnt lots from the first time that we tried this.

Here are some photos celebrating our learning.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Introduction to Quadblogging

An introduction to our class:
Welcome to Room 1 at Henderson North Primary, in Auckland, New Zealand. We have 15 boys and 13 girls that are a mix of year 5 and year 6.We have a programme called BYOD (Bring your own Device), where students bring devices to school to help with their studies. We also have a 40 Book Challenge, students read books and record them in their 40 Book Book. We have decorated our classroom with artwork and displays to help with Writing and Reading and for more subjects. In our school we have different classes for Maths, but not for any other subject.

In our class the students speak lots of different languages including: everybody speaks english, 5 kids speak Maori, 2 speak Tongan, 4 speak Samoan, 3 speak Hindi, 1 speaks Gujarati, 1 speaks South African, 1 speaks Cook Island, 1 speaks Thai, 2 speak Niuean, 1 speaks  Tagalog and 2 kids speak Cantonese. Its cool that our class speak a variety of languages at home.

We have a swimming pool, teachers take students there at least two times a week in summer. Our school is a PB4L school, PB4L is an acronym for Positive Behaviour 4 Learning. Furthermore, we have PB4L tokens, children get these for being Respectful, Responsible, Friendly, a Learner and being Safe.

Our answers to the questions from the Modigliani Class: Question 1: Questions 2: Question 3:

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Role Models

Annabel has done this work today on Thinglink, this is one of her role models.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Getting to know us

Our treasured possessions...
What would we swap our treasured possessions for...

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

NRL Auckland nines

The NRL Auckland nines is all about 16 teams playing rugby league to win a trophy, the warriors won all games apart from the cowboys. I play for Glenora bears and on Monday I was signing in for rugby league I saw the cowboys at my club rooms. I got a poster for free with their signature and they signed my Glenora jacket it was awesome and after that we went home.The cowboys won against the broncos and won the NRL Auckland Nines but I did not watch the tournament.

By: Francis

Our questions

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Getting to know you

It was great to spend our first week together for 2014, during the week I have learnt a few things about you all and I am hoping you will help me to learn more.

If you have something you'd like to learn about in class this year can you write it down on the padlet below. All you have to do is click on it and write your ideas.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Planning our classroom

Hi everyone, hope you have had a good day off today.

Don't forget that tomorrow we have swimming, so you'll need to remember your togs.

I had a look at the Wonderopolis website again today and am thinking about including it in your reading timetable, can you click on this link and tell me if you like the look of this website. Just click on the word Wonderopolis.

I've been having a busy day and have got your 40 Book books, I can't wait to see you all tomorrow.

I'm hoping that one of you can design a cool 2014 sign tomorrow to post on the blog also.

Mr Walker