Thursday, 12 December 2013

PB4L Creativity - Be Friendly

Water fun!!

On Monday 9th of Monday, Mr Walker had a surprise lying in wait for us. I recall that on Friday last week, Mr Walker urged us to bring our togs. He said, in a mysterious voice, that he had a surprise in store for us. We pleaded along with him to tell us, but he wouldn't breathe a word. And, now I know why.

So on Monday, I saw Carys, Roselilo, and Nathan filling up water balloons by the tap. I was a little bit suspicious at to what was going on. I trotted uptown them and asked them myself. "We are having a water balloon fight today!", was their reply. I jumped up with a shout, pumping my fist in the air. Things were finally falling into place. Boy, was this going to be fun. "We are also going to have a water slide to play on!", they continued. I was soooo excited! I couldn't wait 'till 1:45pm.

When the clock finally struck 1:45pm, I rushed to my classroom. I flopped down on my seat with a smile and waited. I glanced outside and saw Mr Rudd and Mr Walker getting the boxes of water balloons and the hose. I also saw them getting what appears to be a black mat. When Mr Walker walked in the classroom, he instructed everybody to change into their togs. I changed as fast as I could.

When we were all ready, we lined up outside and sat on the bench. Mr Walker came round with a box full of iceblocks and distributed them. When everybody got their ice blocks, we sat down and gobbled them. The big round ball of sunshine was blazing hot. It was a perfect day for a perfect water balloon fight and a perfect water slide. I was jumping up and down in my seat so much!!! I looked up and saw people carrying some boxes of water balloons to the field. I decided to help them out. The box was excruciatingly painful. I could barely hold on. When everybody arrived to the field, it was time to party!

Everybody started flinging water balloons at each other. It was hysterical! I couldn't believe what was going on. I kept chasing my friends with the water balloons. I must have looked very eager, because one of my friends looked at me and said, "Don't murder me with the balloon!"

After all the balloons ran out, it was time for the water slide! Mr Rudd drizzled dish washing liquid to the black mat. Then, with the hose, he sprayed water on the black mat. Now, it was ready to be used! Everybody had more than two turns. When it was my turn, I ran and flopped on my belly and slid. I looked like a penguin when I did it. I reached until the end. When I got up, I was smothered with foam and grass. It was an awesome experience. I am definitely doing it next time!!