Thursday, 28 March 2013

Ninja vs Jedi writing

One day the Ninjas and the Jedis battle to their deaths. Swish the light saver hits the ninja, he fell down like a plane crash. More ninjas come to to attack the ninjas “ah ah ah ah!!!! Get them !!!!!! The ninjas said “come back jedis” their is to much ninjas And then a space ship came to bomb the ninjas yes there is only 100 more to kill. One ninja shot the space ship down it blows up like a bomb bom!!!!!! “no!!!!!! shouted the jedi in the space ship swish swish the ninjas fight the jedi with their light saver yea!!!!!! declared all the ninjas. Jedi get back here said the ninjas we want to kill all of you. the ninjas ran to get the jedis they throw their ninja stars at them some fell down like a tree getting cut down. Yes the ninjas won the battle.  by Nathan

Our writing about Elijah

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Baby Mouse - my favourite words

Wordle: Untitled After reading Baby Mouse by Jennifer Holm I wanted to share my favourite words.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Acidification of the ocean

We've have been looking at the effect of of bleach, vinegar and water on an egg shell. This is to investigate what might happen to animals with shells in the ocean.

What do you think is happening?
Why might be causing this to happen?

Monday, 25 March 2013

Water Density Experiment

On Friday, we put an egg into a container of hot and cold water to see what would happen to the egg as more salt was added.
The eggs in containers of hot and cold water.
We are interested in how animals that live in salt water are affected by water evaporation.

Friday, 22 March 2013

By Sovan

Hello how are you? Your stickman on the computer was very awesome and so, so, so cool and I like your video of a stickman.

By Carys

Hi hows it going today? In the morning I went to choir do you guys do choir?

                                                            By Carys

Swimming pool questions

Can you please fill out our serve at this link

Friday, 15 March 2013

My kiwiana story


Being a kiwi kid is representing the All Blacks.

Being a kiwi kid is eating sticky, hokey pokey ice-cream while listening to Titanium.

A kiwi kid is going to beaches and walking on the hot sand.

A kiwi kid is about saving our environment.

A kiwi kid is going to parks and squishing your toes in the nice green grass.

Being a kiwi kid is being in the nice fresh air.

A kiwi kid is going in mud and squishing your toes right in the brown, sticky mud.

Being a kiwi kid is eating kiwifruit while walking in their sandals.

Being a kiwi kid is listening to The Rock’s music.

Being a kiwi kid is AWESOME!

By Sara

My Kiwiana Writing


Kiwi  kids are all about eating Hokey-pokey ice-cream till they explode!

Kiwi kids are all about being fearless when the time is right.

Being a kiwi kid means that you are adventurous and brave when the time comes.

Kiwi kids are about doing the right thing.

Kiwi kids are all about partying all night long and when it is 8am in the morning, you are snoring so loud, your mom hears you!

Being a kiwi kid is being prepared to learn something new.

A kiwi kid is learning to save the enviroment.

Being a kiwi kid is about sunbathing all day long until you are  totally tanned  to the brim!

Being a kiwi kid is learning to survive.

A kiwi kid is all about representing New Zealand.

Being a kiwi kid is really as exciting as you might think it is!

By Renitta

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Crustacean Art

We hope you like our Art. We were learning to use simple shapes to draw objects.

"It was a bit difficult to get our shapes right" said Francis. "Next time I'll add my shapes one by one and it will make it easier, but it was still fun".

Our first #kidsedchatNZ session

"Our chat session was awesome!" Aisea
Jordan and Peter both thought it was epic.

Jorja is looking forward to next time but Carys was disappointed that she missed out because she was at Chess.