Thursday, 12 December 2013

PB4L Creativity - Be Friendly

Water fun!!

On Monday 9th of Monday, Mr Walker had a surprise lying in wait for us. I recall that on Friday last week, Mr Walker urged us to bring our togs. He said, in a mysterious voice, that he had a surprise in store for us. We pleaded along with him to tell us, but he wouldn't breathe a word. And, now I know why.

So on Monday, I saw Carys, Roselilo, and Nathan filling up water balloons by the tap. I was a little bit suspicious at to what was going on. I trotted uptown them and asked them myself. "We are having a water balloon fight today!", was their reply. I jumped up with a shout, pumping my fist in the air. Things were finally falling into place. Boy, was this going to be fun. "We are also going to have a water slide to play on!", they continued. I was soooo excited! I couldn't wait 'till 1:45pm.

When the clock finally struck 1:45pm, I rushed to my classroom. I flopped down on my seat with a smile and waited. I glanced outside and saw Mr Rudd and Mr Walker getting the boxes of water balloons and the hose. I also saw them getting what appears to be a black mat. When Mr Walker walked in the classroom, he instructed everybody to change into their togs. I changed as fast as I could.

When we were all ready, we lined up outside and sat on the bench. Mr Walker came round with a box full of iceblocks and distributed them. When everybody got their ice blocks, we sat down and gobbled them. The big round ball of sunshine was blazing hot. It was a perfect day for a perfect water balloon fight and a perfect water slide. I was jumping up and down in my seat so much!!! I looked up and saw people carrying some boxes of water balloons to the field. I decided to help them out. The box was excruciatingly painful. I could barely hold on. When everybody arrived to the field, it was time to party!

Everybody started flinging water balloons at each other. It was hysterical! I couldn't believe what was going on. I kept chasing my friends with the water balloons. I must have looked very eager, because one of my friends looked at me and said, "Don't murder me with the balloon!"

After all the balloons ran out, it was time for the water slide! Mr Rudd drizzled dish washing liquid to the black mat. Then, with the hose, he sprayed water on the black mat. Now, it was ready to be used! Everybody had more than two turns. When it was my turn, I ran and flopped on my belly and slid. I looked like a penguin when I did it. I reached until the end. When I got up, I was smothered with foam and grass. It was an awesome experience. I am definitely doing it next time!!


Thursday, 21 November 2013

Bible play in the hall

Today the whole school had bible in the hall and we listened to a story about Christmas, it was on the topic of the lord's son being born. For me it was awesome, the host also said "Thank you for that nice welcome Henderson West, Henderson South, Henderson East no you're Henderson North School". 

I learned a lot of stuff there was some comedy in it, but I don't think Spongebob was meant to be in the story nor the captain as well but there was, a person dressed in a fluorescent green top, leggings, skirt and jacket she was the star that led the three kings, the tree wise men and the sheared her characters name was twinkly dinkley. 

The host choose the people to play Mary,  Joseph, the innkeeper, even the pillow, the sheep, the three wise men, the angel, the three kings and the door. 

It was a very good play and even some of my old bible teachers where there, it was awesome to see them again, its also good to see that they look great, and I agree that they look fine.  

I wanted to see more than what we saw but it was time for us to say good bye, but at the end of the day it was fun. At the end of the play we said a prayer then one of our teachers let use us to leave, then we went to our own class and our teacher then our class. The went outside and played for 5 minutes then went inside and did some work.

That's the end of my tale good bye
By Aisha 
Hpoe you like it :) 
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Rugby World Cup

At the Rugby League World Cup, the Kiwi's haven't lost any games yet. Sonny Bill William is playing for the Kiwi's too. I am going for the Kiwi's. I hope they win the Rugby League World Cup !!!!! Benji Marshall plays for the Kiwi's as well. My favourite players are Sonny Bill William and Benji Marshall.

By Francis

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Hosting Kidsedchatnz

This week Room 1 hosted Kidsedchatnz. We had to come up with the questions for the chat session and Mr Walker had to moderate the lesson. Our students were joined by children from around the country to talk all about culture. We also had a student from each of room 4 & 7 with us to join in.

The questions we used were:

The room 1 kids did a great job and helped choose the tweets of the week and pointed out when Mr Walker needed to send the next question.

Thanks to Sara, Carys, Renitta, Jordan, Francis, Angus and Daijahn for taking part in Room 1.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Skype with Tom Campbell

On Friday the 15th we had a skyping session with Mr Campbell, we learnt so much from him he even told us how old he is. He's been diving for 50 years and he has a humongous megalodon tooth and an old diving helmet.

We learnt that the camera weighs 50lbs above water but is quite light under water.

Once he ran out of air when he was filming inside a sunken Japanese submarine, but he couldn't swim straight to the surface because you have to be careful of water pressure. So we're trying to find out more about 'the bends'.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Skype in the Classroom - Exploring Oceans

Tomorrow Room 1 will be taking part in their first Skype in the Classroom lesson. We will be speaking with Tom Campbell, who is a diver who does underwater photography and video.

You can visit his website to learn more about him and watch some of the footage he has taken.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Oceanography/Water pressure

Our teacher Mr Walker chose me to do an experiment on water pressure so if you want to try this then get the following:

You need:
2 jars one small,one large
Water, as much as you want in each jar and or cup
One straw

A pencil and paper for notes

Now blow gently at the surface of the water now listen
If there's a bubbly noise and it's nice and light your doing it right.

Blow at the bottom of the cup or jar and listen to the noise it should be a
Ruff but light sound

Now which way is it harder to blow top or bottom?

It should be the bottom because the pressure is pushing it down.
For example-If you were at the bottom of they ocean the weight on top of
You would be like a elephant on top of your fingernail and so that's why a submarine or any other under water vehicle has to be tuff .You should now try it,
With the bigger jar comment on this once you have tried it or tell your teacher to try it with your class room!
By Pare

Location:HNS RM 1

Friday, 8 November 2013

Milk in schools

The Peace Child


The Peace Child is a show that the seniors did for this year, we do one every two years. It's about two tribes, one is called the Wannkeekee tribe and the another tribe is the Sotongi tribe. There were three narrators that tell the story. They both hate each other and they never got along until one day something very weird happened in the Sotongi tribe. A camera crew and a Reporter that loved herself wanted to build a bridge, but the bridge would just make war. Then one day the Wannkeekee Chief's wife had a baby boy and everybody was very happy. But then the chief had a weird dream about dead warriors and wisdom, he had the same dream for two more nights . He said our child must be the peace child, the mother was so sad you could almost hear her heart beat and she sang a solo, it was a very sad moment in the story. As the chief gives the baby to the other tribe that would make peace between the two tribes.


Our buddies

Sealife by Hser Beh

Friday, 1 November 2013

Follow's last day at HNS

Tomorrow I (Mr Walker) have to send Follow, the kidsedchatnz mascot, onto his next holiday destination. He is heading off to Broadlands School but first we let him and Action Man have some fun times together and got some photos of Follow having fun At our school.

A story about follow

Follow was lonely in the dark box follow was scared of the dark box. Follow was hungry so he started looking for some food but there was no food for him to eat. Follow went on a summer holiday to New Zealand. When follow got to New Zealand he got out of the box and had some dounut. Follow flew to room1h.n.s after one week he had lots of


Thursday, 31 October 2013

Our water experiment

Today room 1 went to a the swimming pool and we made it a fun morning for room 1&2 non swimmers Mr Walker and Mr Rudd brought some supplies like Tin foil, pebbles, coral & shells.

I made a competition where you make a tin foil boat and fill it up with pebbles you count how many pebbles you put in it before it sank.

A lot of pebbles sank so when we were done we cleaned the pool.I could put 37 before it sank.

Follow had a little vacation he had heaps of fun

Now him and Action man are now sun bathing buddies

By Samaria

The story about follow

Follow was lonely in the dark, he has no family so he was afraid of the dark box.

He started to look for food to eat. He went out of the box and he tried to look for food in the rubbish bin and he found a donut and he was excited to eat the donut.
Fellow went on an adventure to New Zealand to every class to make new friends. He went to Henderson North School to find friend to tweet with him and he went to rm1 first because we tweet to a lot of friends and meet heaps of friends to play with.

By Sovan

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Room1 did a science activity.

Room1 was doing a science experiment and this was a really fun activity. Mr Walker told us to gather around the art table, there was glass on the table so there was 6 jars for each two people. Next was to buddy up with a partner so it can be enough to go around and give them some-

jars so me and my group went around looking at people's jars and one group had like blue die inside their jar it was supposed to be fresh water. anyways Mr Walker went around each table that was sitting the best gets to put the green salty bottle in their jar so first was Tajae group they got the eyedropper they put in the jar only a little bit and squeeze it in their jar but it was really cool because it had like the green colour on the bottom and the blue colour was on top. So we went to all the tables and people where starting to taste the green salty thing in their jar then Mr Walker said to rm1 had to do this writing task then I took other people's photos and here is a picture of Jordan tasting the salty green thing in his mouth. It was a really fun thing to do in class it was really COOL!!!!!. Oh and also it was really good taking photos of everybody's jars so it was really fun to be the camera girl.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Narrative story writing

Room 1 has been learning about narrative writing, Sovan wrote this story and published it using Toontastic.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Kidsedchatnz picked for Interface awards

Kidsedchatnz has been nominated for an award for using ICT to teach, click on this link to vote for #kidsedchatnz
Interface awards